Custom-size area rugs


Custom-size area rugs: perfect fit for your home

Welcome to House of Carpets, where we specialize in providing custom-size area rugs that bring comfort, style, and personality to any space in your home. Unlike standard rugs, custom-sized area rugs offer a unique opportunity to match the dimensions and aesthetic of your living environment perfectly. Whether you have an unusually shaped room, specific design needs, or just want something that stands out, our custom rugs are the ideal solution.

Advantages of custom-size area rugs

  • Tailored to your space: One of the primary benefits of custom-size area rugs is their ability to be tailored exactly to your space. Standard rug sizes often don’t fit perfectly in every room, leading to awkward gaps or overlaps. With custom sizing, your rug will fit your room like a glove, enhancing the room’s aesthetics and functionality.
  • Unlimited design options: Custom rugs open up a world of design possibilities. You're not limited to the patterns, colors, or textures found in pre-made rugs. This means you can choose a design that complements your existing decor seamlessly or becomes a standout piece in your room.
  • Quality and durability: Our custom area rugs are made with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and durability. This means they can withstand high-traffic areas and maintain their appearance over time, making them a wise investment for your home.
  • Enhancing room dynamics: A well-sized rug can dramatically alter the perception of a room. It can make small spaces feel larger, define areas within open-plan spaces, and add a sense of warmth and comfort to any area of your home.



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How to elevate your space with custom rugs

  1. In the living room: A living room rug can anchor your furniture and create a defined seating area. It’s perfect for adding color and texture to your living space and can be made to fit any room size, whether you have a spacious open-plan area or a cozy, compact living room.
  2. Bedroom bliss: In the bedroom, a custom rug can add a layer of comfort and luxury. Place a large rug under the bed to create a soft landing for your feet every morning, or use smaller rugs on either side of the bed for a symmetrical look. The custom size ensures that the rug fits perfectly in your bedroom, regardless of its size or shape.
  3. Dining room elegance: A rug in the dining room can define the dining area, especially in open-plan spaces. Custom sizing is crucial here, as the rug needs to accommodate your dining table and chairs comfortably. With the right size, a rug can transform the dining area into an elegant, inviting space.
  4. Hallways and more: Custom area rugs are also ideal for hallways, entryways, and other transitional spaces in your home. These areas often have unique dimensions that standard rugs can’t accommodate. A custom rug in these spaces can add a welcoming touch and enhance the overall flow of your home.

Your experts on custom-size rugs in Cedar Rapids, IA

Custom-size area rugs are a versatile and stylish addition to any home. They offer the perfect fit, endless design options, and enhance the dynamics of your living space. Visit House of Carpets to explore the possibilities and find the perfect custom rug for your home. Our showroom in Cedar Rapids, IA, serves Cedar Rapids, IA, Marion, IA, Robins, IA, Hiawatha, IA, North Liberty, IA, Solon, IA, Mount Vernon, IA, Tiffin, IA, Coralville, IA, and Iowa City, IA. Transform your space today with a rug that’s as unique as you are!